Spanish Study Centre

An authentic Institute to learn SPANISH in Calcutta
(Affiliated to Indo Latin American Association)
A center of excellence in learning of Spanish Language since 2003

Opportunity of Learning SPANISHLANGUAGE is at your doorstep

In this age of Globalisation, besides basic degrees, you need to have some technical skills, the primary of which is the knowledge of at least one foreign language except English to meet the employer's demands.

Spanish being the national language of 23 countries and 2nd most important language of U.S.A. & Philippines, is the 2nd most popular language of the world. At the same time it is also a literally rich language that has already produced 10 Nobel Laureates in Literature.

India's Trade Relations with Latin American Countries & Spain are ever increasing. * Spanish is the chosen language for BPOs & KPOs. * Call Centres, International Airlines, Hotel Industry, Software Industry, Export- Import Houses etc. do pay well for the Spanish language experts. * Demand for Spanish Translators and Interpreters is growing high. * There's a demand for Spanish language Tutors in Management Institutions, Public Schools. * Spanish speaking Tourist Guides are in big demand. * The jobs in Embassies and Consulates of Latin American countries and Spain are easily available if you know Spanish * Software & Hardware professionals with proficiency in Spanish are offered extra remunerations all over India etc. etc

Comments of the students

Santwana Sen sarma
Learning Spanish turned out to be amazingly simple and joyful in this Institute. The constant endeavour of the Faculty made us interested not only in the language, but also in Latin - American Culture as a whole. The course was also constantly upgraded with new inputs and information.

Amiya Mukherjee
The Institute affords an opportunity to professional and others to learn Spanish meaningfully within a short time and use the language effectively in real-life situations. I have profited greatly from my association with Center.