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We have three semesters, viz.  Basic, Intermediate and Advance, each consisting of  7 (seven)  months duration,  a minimum of  28 classes of one and half  hour duration, which means 42 hours of classes in each semester. Classes are normally taken in weekend. For each semester, two examinations are taken : First Term and Final.

Our entire course is designed in resemblance with the module of Spanish and Latin American language Schools and in conformity of the levels of the International examinations (DELE) conducted by Instituto Cervantes (the wing of Spanish Ministry of Education & Culture)  all over the world, for example in our Basic semester, A1 and part of A2 levels are included; the rest of A2 and B1 levels in our Intermediate sem and the Advance level consists of B2 and higher levels.


Semester : Basic : Alphabets and Phonetics, Numbers, Basic Grammar including daily use verbs, regular and irregular; Idea of sentence making, use of typical verbs,  Time, Weather, Concept of negation, Imperative, Direct & Indirect Objects, Present Perfect and Future Tense, Daily life Conversation, Module of A1 and A2 (Part) with Audio lessons.

Semester : Intermediate : Concept of Subjunctive (Present and Past), Use of more verbs, Verbs with Preposition, Past tense and use of Imperfect, Idea of  Conditional, Module of A2 (Part) and B1 with Audio lessons and Conversational Skill.

Semester : Advance : Higher Grammar, Prepositions, Excerpts of Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture, Study of Literary works, Proverbs, Fickle Friends, Idioms and Phrases, Module of B2 and Group Discussion.

We also conduct on line classes, as well as individual classes for tailor-made requirements on week days.